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We hope you will enjoy and appreciate the different aspects of this site. Our goal is to provide products and services that are at, or above industry standards.

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Malicious Affiliates has been in the making since 1989. The small business began in North Carolina, then moved to California in 2016, but didn't become state registered until 2021. The Malicious Affiliates founder (Christopher McClure) tried different directions for the business but found it proved impossible. The projects differed daily and the everyday ordeals, the constant changes and experiences transformed into years of experience. The challenges and mistakes built learning, character and expertise. The primary fundamental, great management has become the cornerstone of our business model. We feel that what determines success or failure depends on management the majority of the time. The rest of the time it depends on the amount of preparation.

At Malicious Affiliates, projects vary. We determine the projects, determine the scale to which we will commit, evaluate, then execute. With merchandise, we're trending in Los Angeles.

Let Malicious Affiliates LLC steer you in the direction of success with top-notch, low budget management solutions.

We accept submissions at anytime through email. We also give consultations by appointment only. Our time is valuable, (appointments are $60 an hour)

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